Knight LED – Slim


  • Despliegue completo en menos de 15 segundos
  • Rotación continua de 360 °
  • (2) Viz alto – 270w + (2) Viz alto – 60w
  • 100% eléctrico (no requiere aire ni hidráulica)
  • Para uso de todos los climas
  • Capacidad de volcar el lado de los vehículos
  • Un toque auto-park
  • Cordón umbilical con cuerda de 15 pies
  • libre de mantenimiento
  • 5 años de garantía

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Descripción del producto

Command Light’s KL409D-H4 is a mid-size LED light tower that provides reliable scene lighting in an ultra-slim package for mounting in tight spaces. They lay flat with a smaller footprint at only 47” by 12” for smaller to mid-size apparatus, or larger trucks with limited space. This tower is perfect for high side compartments on Aerials or to squeeze into tight dunnage areas. With the simple press of a button, the Knight Series towers can be positioned to endless positions – all within 15 seconds. All positions can be achieved with speed and precision, including the unique “street light” position, creating even light with no shadows all the way up to the edge of your apparatus – making a safer environment for personnel. A one-touch auto park feature makes stowing these units very straightforward. Truck 12 VDC powers four Vision-X LEDs that output 60,000 lumens. This power paired with a versatile tower with a reach over 7 feet make the Knight Series a great solution for any apparatus. Reliability is key during emergency scenes, and Command Light makes the most reliable lighting units available. Backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty, these light units meet or exceed all NFPA requirements, are maintenance-free and have been tested to 90 mph winds. Options: Top Mounted Strobe: Give early warning of the scene at hand with a green, red, amber, or blue strobe mounted on the top of the light tower Top Mounted Camera: Mounted on top to give birds eye view of scenes, popular on mobile command units. Controls: Standard with remote control with 15 ft umbilical cord – optional panel mount, wireless, Class 1, or V-Mux Custom Colors: Standard powder coated grey. Optional powder coated white, red, black. Can be wet painted to any color Technical Specs: HxWxD (Nested): 12” x 13” x 47” – 305mm x 330mm x 1194mm HxWxD (Fully Upright): 87.5” x 52” x 15” – 2225mm x 1320mm x 381mm Weight: 165 lbs – 75 kg Power Requirements: 12V DC – 800w – 82 amps Lighting: (2) High Viz (LED) -270w / (2) High Viz (LED) – 60w Output (per light): 270w: 28,500 lumens / 60w: 6,500 lumens Total Watts: 800 watts Total Output: 70,000 lumens


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