Fire “Explorer” Jacket (SB) IB-Tex® X-TREME®, navy blue/ red

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Fire “Explorer” Jacket (SB) IB-Tex® X-TREME®, navy blue/ red: 2550100KI1C Spezification certified after: EN 469:2005 + A1:2006; Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2; addition B; EN 1149-5; exempt from safety vest. structure: liner construction upper material: IB-Tex® interlayer: TNX Heat Comfort Barrier® membrane: GORE-TEX® Fire Blocker N lining: Nomex®/Viscose FR reflecting mat.: TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® colour: darkblue / gold sizes: S-XXXL Size surcharge: Texport: surcharges for sizes 0-1-2-3-4, plus length 5, XS & XXL (if existing) plus surcharge for short & long length: 5%. Texport: further dissent lenght of sleeves legs within the size table: 25% plus surcharge for short & long length. Texport: from size XXXL if existing: 15% plus surcharge for short & long length, if needed; Texport: Upgrading the size table (if possible): 75% and special sizes (mass customisation): 100%, but minimum € 100 extra charge in each case Texport: Upgrading the size table (if possible): 75%, but minimum € 100 extra charge Highlights: – Absolutely watertight and air permeable with GORE-TEX® membrane – Patented HPX-System® enables simple and cost-effective replacement of a defective zip. – High air permeability, reflective stripes Texport® Triple Fabric® – Additional air cushion through insulation system in the shoulder area (AIRBLOCKER®) – Waterproof front area with double cover trim – No drawing in of moisture via the hem seams – Repair aperture in inner area – X-TREME® construction: improved heat resistance and much better breathability Overjacket: – Grip strap on end of zip – Hanging loop in collar – Movement creases in elbow area – Fleece tape for name strips – Collar strap for width adjustment – Zip (panic system) in front area, partially reinforced – Knitted wristlet (long) with thumb hole – Adjusting strap for sleeve width adjustment – Fixture (inside) for rescue loop in breast area – ellbow reinforcement made of Kevlar® – integrated rescueloop with exterior grip tab (optional) – grip tab to quickly access hidden DRAG-system – extended back part – subsequent printing only in SILVER (8735 reflex) and YELLOW (Reflex 8787) possible, No application of velcro possible – patented stretch creases at the elbow area for greatest possible freedom of movement – small pocket on front flap for ID chip Pockets, snap hook and holder: – Radio pocket on left breast: Applied and height-adjustable and with rank clip – Inner pocket left – Inner pocket right – Snap hook in left pocket – Snap hook strap in right and left pockets – Microphone holder on left breast – Microphone holder on right breast – Napoleon pocket in front strip – Side pockets: Applied both sides – inside DRAG-system in back part – Holder (adjustable height & width) on right breast for Adalit light – eyelet for gloves at flap of side pockets Various: – Dry cleaning resistant


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